i-5 Portland
Traffic Maps by Cross Streets ...
> Columbia Blvd
> Hayden Island
> Kruse Way
> Interstate Bridge
> i-84
> i-405 Northside
> i-405 Southside
> Lombard St
> Marine Dr
> Morrison Bridge
> Multnomah Blvd
> Ross Island Bridge
> Terwilliger Blvd
> Tigard Fwy
> 30 Hwy
> 84 Hwy
> 99 Hwy
> 217 Hwy
> 405 Hwy Northside
> 405 Hwy Southside




Interstate 5 Portland Traffic

i-5 Portland Traffic ...

Traffic map on page load is centered on the i-5 at i-84 ...
use elevation controls to zoom.

Zoom Traffic to:

i5 at Columbia Blvd
i5 at Hayden Island
i5 at Kruse Way
i5 at Interstate Bridge
i5 at i-84
i5 at i-405 Northside
i5 at i-405 Southside
i5 at Lombard St
i5 at Marine Dr
i5 at Morrison Bridge
i5 at Multnomah Blvd
i5 at Ross Island Bridge
i5 at Tigard Fwy
i5 at Terwilliger Blvd
i5 at 30 Hwy
i5 at 84 Hwy
i5 at 99 Hwy
i5 at 217 Hwy
i5 at 405 Hwy Northside
i5 at 405 Hwy Southside


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i-205 north side 39th Street Interstate Bridge Lombard Street i-405 north side Interstate 84 i-405 south side Terwilliger Blvd Multnomah Street Pacific Highway SW Beaverton-Tigard Freeway i-205 south side I-5 Portland Traffic Road Route Map


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Interstate 5 Portland Map
The Interstate 5 in Portland is the main north-south interstate highway route across the metro Portland area.

The map above shows the i-5 in Portland (highlighted in pink) and where the i-5 travels through the metro Portland area.

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